Swashikshan (sw + shiksha) – an abiding ideology  or a way of living for many. Swashikshan reaches far deeper than the child not being in school though for many it begins with the child not being in a formal school setting. From there, it can grow and encompass the life, dreams, livelihood and ways of being in the world for the entire family.

Swashikshan was set up by homeschooling families to support others on a similar journey. As such, it encompasses all forms of self learning families – homeschooling, unschooling, whole being learning, natural learning – wherever families find themselves on the spectrum of learning and living!

The Swashikshan Annual Meetup (SAM) is an informal gathering where the daily sessions or activities form organically with the help of the participants. Anyone can offer their skills, their time on anything they deem meaningful or interesting for the participants. The discussions and activities are not limited to schooling or education and explore all aspects of life to enrich ourselves and expand our horizons. If you know anyone who can contribute to the gathering, please do write to us. If you are a participant and want to conduct any session during SAM 2019, please write to us at

Participants should plan to arrive in Hyderabad/Secunderabad on: 14 February, 2019 (Thursday)

Participants should plan to depart on: 18 February, 2019 (Monday)

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