The Eighth Annual Meetup of Indian Homeschoolers

It is time for the 8th Swashikshan Annual Meetup – the annual meetup of Indian Homeschoolers. The first two conferences were held at Khandala in Maharashtra, the 3rd conference was at Aavishkaar campus at Palampur (Himachal Pradesh), the 4th at Visthar campus, Bangalore, the 5th in Indore, the 6th in scenic Goa and 7th at Hyderabad!

The event is restricted to families/learners/parents who are unschooling or homeschooling and have  explored or are currently on a journey of exploring learning/education beyond institutional set ups , which includes

1. Children staying and learning at home, within the family

2. Learners in informal learning collectives or learning environments that are not affiliated to institutional curriculum and/or certifications

If you are not a homeschooler and want to attend the event, please contact us with details. We will try to process your request if we have seats available.

2 thoughts on “The Eighth Annual Meetup of Indian Homeschoolers

  1. Hi, I show my interest to take part in this event.
    My child is under home education and seeking to gain more knowledge regarding the same for my child’s betterment and provide her a better homeschooling experience.
    Looking forward
    Thank you
    Mrs. Meena Madhunivas

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