About the Venue

Nestled in the lap of nature, surrounded by expansive fields, rugged rocks and boulders very distinctive to the Deccan Plateau, Divya Retreat is a breath of fresh air.  It is simple, rustic and comfortable, allowing for a deeply immersive space for us to host the Swashikshan Annual Meetup 2019.

Located approx. 30 kms from the Secunderabad Railway Station in Keesara village, Divya Retreat is a privately held property popular with meditation groups, adventure enthusiasts, families and outdoor clubs. Expansive and beautiful, set amidst a Forest Reserve, the retreat is wonderfully equipped to cater to all our needs; with play areas, hiking trails and lush fields and trees to commune in.

The organisers are taking care in securing the space for the gathering, maintaining safety guidelines and to respect the endangered topography. Each participating family /parent would be required to take responsibility for their children and to respect the set guidelines.




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